To make the opera known to the little ones, we have chosen for subject "the devil". Every child is attracted to stories about the devil, we like to remember that about our own childhood.


The sound of an opera voice is impressive for someone who has never heard it before. That's why it's important to get in touch with this singing style very early.

This has been put into practice in the project "DROES" for which children are always ecstatic. This is partly due to the interaction with the artists, whom during the singing, are among the children and involve them.

Then a workshop is set up where questions can be asked. Our "DROES" project also successfully confirmed that the children had a lot of interesting questions, which proves to us that if opera and theater are the least captivated subjects by the youth, this is because they never got answers to their questions.

The press about "DROES"

"The little ones were singing as they arrived in the corridors of the Flemish Opera yesterday.In this majestic building, the pupils of the third class of the Leydraad kindergartens in Antwerp benefited from the opera workshop 'Music of the devil'.

Het Nieuwsbald

"For the little ones, there are intelligent and educational operas: opera, yes, and not just any operas: Gounod's Faust, Offenbach and the works of Arrigo Boito. Silence ... ssshhhh ... listen carefully ... What a good opera singer ... An absolute must.

Klassiek Centraal Muziekonderwijs (online version)